Mozzarella casserole

Mozzarella casserole


250 g of Mu Cuisine mozzarella
30 g of mascarpone
a leaf of gelatine
160 g of basil
60 g of pine nuts
250 ml of olive oil
80 g of Parmesan
40 g of aged sheep’s cheese
10 g of salt
4 cloves of garlic
150 g of tomato


Soak the gelatine, squeeze out the water of one 100 g mozzarella, cut it into smaller pieces and put it in a blender while gradually adding olive oil − as with mayonnaise. Add salt, pepper and mascarpone. Dice the remaining mascarpone and add it to the cream. Drain the gelatine, melt it in a small pot and mix it into the cream. Add a bit of roasted pine nuts, mix well and pour everything into a suitable mould with a thickness of approximately 1 cm. Place the sliced tomato on the cream and another layer of cream on top of it − repeat this until you use up all your ingredients.

Place the mould in the fridge and wait until it hardens. Blend the basil, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan, sheep’s cheese and salt to make a pesto and pour olive oil over it to prevent it from oxidizing. Put the pesto in the fridge. Finally, place everything on a plate in a decorative manner. Since a lot of pesto will be left over, use it as a sauce for tagliatelle.

Author: 2013 Junior National Culinary Team of Slovenia
Image: Janez Pukšič