Cream soup with tarragon and veal tail

Cream soup with tarragon and veal tail


500 g of Mu Cuisine Mileram sour cream
200 g of soup vegetables
50 g of flour
1 egg yolk
15 g of Mu Cuisine butter
500 g of veal tail
salt, pepper


Boil the veal tail and the soup vegetables in 2 litres of water. After approximately 2 hours the tail will be done. Drain the soup and bring to the boil.

Mix flour into the sour cream until it thickens and pour it into the boiling soup. Add salt and pepper. Add the tarragon and if necessary thicken it with the egg yolk.

Take the meat off the tail and cut it into strips. Fry the meat on butter and spread over the soup.

Author: 2013 Junior National Culinary Team of Slovenia
Image: Janez Pukšič