Cottage cheese spread with horseradish and glazed apple


Ingredients for 4 servings:
400 g of Mu Cuisine cottage cheese
50 g of horseradish
one smaller apple
5 g of horseradish sprouts
50 g of Mu Cuisine butter
100 g of Mu Cuisine sour cream
100 ml of Mu Cuisine sweet cream
30 g of flower honey
salt, pepper


Mix the butter until it foams and add the drained cottage cheese, sour cream, horseradish, chopped horseradish sprouts and salt and pepper. Briefly pour sweet boiling water over the apple slices and glaze them on melted flower honey. Once they cool down, finely dice them and add them to the cottage cheese with horseradish. Gently mix everything into the whipped sweet cream to keep the spread as soft as possible. Optionally, add raisins simmered in white wine. The spread is an excellent complement to ham.

Author: Borut Jakič