Planica Rajska,

bourbon vanilla, malaga, punch; 1000 ml (480 g)

Planica Rajska: bourbon vanilla, malaga, punch

Winning classic

Three flavours, and each can be enjoyed separately or all together. It’s good to share this with those closest to you. Planica is a triple pleasure of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Nutrition facts (per 100 g of products)

energy 796 kJ
190 kcal
fat 9,0 g
of which saturates 4,8 g
carbohydrate 23,3 g
of which sugars 20,0 g
protein 3,9 g
salt 0,08 g


milk, milk fat, sugar, milk protein, glucose syrup, dextrose, aromatised malaga preparation 2.3 % (glucose syrup, sugar, dessert wine mixture 10 %, acidity regulator citric acid, stabiliser pectin, colour (E101, E160a), flavours), aromitised punch preparation 1.6 % (sugar, glucose – fructose syrup, water, flavours, modified starch, colour E160a), bourbon vanilla preparation 1.1 % (sugar, glucose syrup, water, grounded vanilla pods 1%, modified starch, bourbon vanilla extract), emulsifier E471, stabiliser (E410, E412), concentrated carrot juice, colour E160b(ii). Product may contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and soya.