Indispensable freshness
Life simply isn't complete without them. Their high nutritional value gives us vital energy and health benefits. Milk and Mu dairy products guarantee freshness and are sure to keep all your family members feeling healthy. If it’s a satisfied spirit and a healthy body you’re after, Mu products are for you.


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  • Fresh milk
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  • Fruit yoghurt
  • Quark & Cottage cheese
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Mu Cuisine

For creativity in the kitchen
Mu Cuisine products are made for cooking, stimulating your imagination, curiosity and sense for experimentation. The high quality of the products and their long-standing tradition bring joy to cooking and dining experiences alike.

Mu Extra

A lot of fruit pieces for a full flavour
Containing much more fruit than regular fruit yoghurt, Mu Extra yoghurt delights with its full and creamy taste. Each cup contains up to 18% of fruit, and despite its full, creamy flavour, it helps keep a slim figure, since it contains only 2.5% of milk fat.

Mu Athentikos

The best in pampering
The Mu Athentikos yoghurt is distinguished by its full flavour and creamy texture, complemented by the selected fruits at the bottom. The Ancient Greeks were renowned for their hedonism and a true Greek yoghurt was already then considered the peak of gastronomic pampering. With the Mu Athentikos Greek-type yoghurt you will enter their world of self-indulgence and pleasure.

Mu muki

The best for our children
Less sugar, natural aromas and no colorants - these are the characteristics that modern parents want with dairy products, especially when it comes to their children.