Président Jošt

For every day and every occasion
During visits by your loved ones, in good company or for larger appetizers. For a quick snack at home or for the road. From the semi-hard classic, slices for the best sandwiches, to the hard cheese for grating.

Président Jošt light

Light cheese
A joy for everyone who wants a lighter meal, but still an excellent taste. Président Jošt light contains only 30 percent milk fat.

Président Jošt smoked

Fullness of flavour
For everyday use or special occasions, for an occasional change or as an excellent supplement to other cheeses. Smoked Président Jošt with a full flavour is available in various packagings for any occasion.

Président Jošt Lactose free

No lactose, no problem.
Even if you have problems with lactose intolerance, you don’t have to give up on the joys of a good cheese. Anyone can include the lactose free Président Jošt in their everyday menu without any worries.

Président Jošt Premium

The cheese perfection.
Président Jošt premium cheeses are aged to perfection. Bring the gourmet variety to your next gathering.

Président Jošt proteins

For active individuals
Cheese with proteins is an ideal snack for active people who value natural ingredients. It's great after a workout or as part of the best sandwich.