Winning classic
Three flavours, and each can be enjoyed separately or all together. It’s good to share this with those closest to you. Planica is a triple pleasure of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Piran and Otočec

A varied combination of flavours
Everyone can find their own favourite flavour. Milky and fruity combinations or single flavours are prepared in different quantities.


More than just ice cream
A creamy texture and an excellent taste. With their wide selection of flavours, our Cremosa ice creams will excite all gourmets who want more than just a classic ice cream.

Ice creams for children

For children and the young at heart.
Available on sticks and in cups. They are just the right size and packaged playfully. Also an excellent choice for little ones.

Other ice creams

Simple and light
Strawberry ice cream, refreshing strawberry purée covered with velvety chocolate. Mu Frozen yoghurt: a refreshing dessert containing lactic bacteria, which are characteristic of yoghurt, and less fat than ice cream. Frozen yoghurt combines the freshness of yoghurt and the delight of ice cream, topped up with an abundance of real blueberries or peaches.