Supports digestion and immune system!
Ego is the perfect choice when you need more than just a yoghurt. Since their very beginnings, Ego yoghurt have been harbingers for new approaches which fully understand the needs of the modern man.

Ego S&V

Supports fat metabolism!
Ego S&V yogurt with L-carnitine, zinc and biotin, which contribute to the metabolism of fats and other macronutrients. With one yogurt (250 g) we consume the usual amount of with a diet ingested L carnitine and covers 38% of the recommended daily intake of zinc, which plays a role in the metabolism of fatty acids and macronutrients, and 50% of the recommended daily intake of biotin, which contributes to macronutrient metabolism. A varied and balanced diet, as well as exercise and a healthy lifestyle contribute significantly to well-being.