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1.  Protection of the rights

Ljubljanske mlekarne, d.o.o., Tolstojeva 63, Ljubljana, are the owner and administrator of the website as well as of other registered domains they own.

Website means every page within the address The user of the website is every person who visits any website on the site

The purpose of the website as well as of other registered domains is notification and briefing of the general public with the products, activities and company Ljubljanske mlekarne. We ask you that as visitor of our website, you respect conditions, determined below. With the view of the website you confirm that you agree with the below mentioned conditions and that you accept them entirely.

1.1  Copyrights

All content published on the website is the sole property of the website owner and is protected with copyrights by applicable laws. In addition to text and data, the content also includes the entire graphic image of the website with all graphic elements.

1.2  Limitation of liability

Ljubljanske mlekarne is not responsible for the use of the website and other registered domains, nor for any damage caused by the use of content from this website. The owner is not responsible for the accuracy of the content on the website nor for any loss or damages arising from the use of this content. The user uses all content and services on the website at his own risk. The owner of the website is not responsible for the content that users contribute to the website and reserves the right to remove it in case it is inappropriate. At the same time, the owner reserves the right to change and/or stop amending the content of the website at any time without prior notification to users, and is not responsible for the consequences of such changes.

1.3  Limited right to use the content

The user may use the data or content of the websites at the address and other registered domains of the company Ljubljanske mlekarne solely for personal and non-commercial purposes and to the extent permitted by the owner of the website. Copyright must not be violated. The content must not be copied, reproduced or distributed in any other way without the written permission of the website owner. The authors of the content are not responsible for any harmful consequences of the use. Any other use or distribution of these web contents or their part is not permitted. Any transmission of original or derived data to third parties or publication on other sites is expressly prohibited.

1.4  Questions, comments and reporting of the breaches

Possible questions, comments and report of the breaches may be sent to the email address: or by regular post to our address.

1.5  Change of the policy

We are using our best efforts for this policy to be always in accordance with the legislation and our real performance, which is why we will be amending this policy occasionally and publish it on our website.

Ljubljanske mlekarne, d.o.o.

Last confirmation of the changed policy: 27 07. 2022