Our range includes carefully selected products from our own production and world-renowned affiliated companies, such as the cheese giant Président and the gourmet master Galbani. During the development process, which has been underway for many years, we also searched for experienced and quality partners who could provide us with all the products we need, even the most demanding caterer’s requests.

That’s why Ljubljanske Mlekarne is the right choice when you are looking for a comprehensive range of products that start with milk, through to the frozen vegetable and meat programme, and all the way to our premium ice creams.


Dušan Rus
Catering and ice cream sales manager
T: +386 1 5881 631
M: +386 41 311 772
E: dusan.rus@l-m.si

Gregor Brišnik
Regional sales manager for eastern Slovenia
M: +386 41 638 691

Barbara Žagar Hafner
Regional sales manager for western Slovenia
M: +386 41 752 241

Ordering centre
T: +386 1 5881 700


Ljubljanske mlekarne

Beside the wide selection of Ljubljanske Mlekarne products available for our customers, we also provide products that are adapted to the requirements of the catering business.

The products for caterers from our production line have a long-standing tradition and are synonymous with high quality.


Our most popular catering products are:

  • Grated cheese for pizza 100 % milk fat, 5 kg
  • Mu fresh milk 3.5 % milk fat, 10 l
  • Mu fresh milk 1.6 % milk fat, 10 l
  • Mileram 21.5 % milk fat, 8 kg
  • Mu Cuisine chunky cottage cheese, light, 5 % milk fat, 5 kg bags
  • Mu Cuisine cottage cheese 40 % milk fat, 5 kg bags
  • Mu cheese spread in bucket, 3 kg
  • Mu Cuisine cheese for grill, 1.3 kg
  • Mu Cuisine grated mozzarella, 5 kg
  • Pratolat long-life milk, 1 l
  • Block of butter, 25 kg
  • Mu Cuisine sweet cream 35 % milk fat, 1 l
  • Mu Cuisine alpine whipped cream 33 % milk fat 1l
  • Mu yoghurt, natural 3.2 % milk fat, 1000 g
  • Mu yoghurt, natural 1.3 % milk fat, 1000 g
  • Mu fruit yoghurt, forest fruits, 1000 g
  • Mu fruit yoghurt, sour cherry, 1000 g
  • Mu fruit yoghurt, strawberry, 1000 g
  • Mu fruit yoghurt, banana, pineapple, 1000 g
  • Jošt cheese 45 % milk fat, 2.6 kg
  • Jošt light cheese, 2.6 kg
  • Jošt smoked cheese, 2.6 kg
  • Mu gauda cheese, 2.6 kg
  • Mu edam cheese, 2.6 kg
  • Mu Cuisine mozzarella bella pizza, 1 kg
  • Mu Cuisine cheese for grill 1,3 kg
  • Maxim Premium ice coffee, 1 l


Galbani’s origin dates back to 1882, when Egidio Galbani and his father Davide started producing the “Robiola” cheese, a creamy, easy-to-spread white cheese.
Egidio’s passionate production of the most delicious Italian cheeses was quickly recognised. He truly cared for every detail in his products and the brand bearing his name became popular very quickly. In 2012, Galbani celebrated its 130th anniversary and today it is the number one Italian cheese brand in the world. With soft mozzarella, velvety mascarpone, unique ricotta, aromatic gorgonzola, and hard and soft cheeses, cream and more available, Galbani is everything the most demanding chefs look for.



Président is a world-renowned cheese, butter and cream brand, known in 150 countries around the world. True cheese experts, whose story began in the French town of Laval, follow the philosophy that cheese is the most sophisticated step in milk processing. When producing cheese, they respect tradition and improve on their long experiences that brought them to the very peak of excellence, which is now accessible to everyone.



Dukat is the most renowned brand of dairy products in Croatia and one of the leading brands in the region. Credit for their success goes to the healthy, delicious and fresh dairy products that are popular among people of all generations. Like Ljubljanske Mlekarne, Dukat also focuses on quality, innovation and everyday care for the health of ourselves and our families – all this is supported by state-of-the-art production technology.


Frozen programme

Modern cuisine requires accessibility and often speed too. Frozen products are available to us throughout the year and are an indispensable supplement to fresh ingredients. The frozen programme, which we acquire from selected global suppliers, includes vegetables, fruit, products from potato, fish, seafood and some other products.

Our rich ice cream range is complemented by the Menorquina brand, which boasts a similar long-standing tradition to Ljubljanske Mlekarne, and is particularly distinguished by the discovery of new ice cream shapes and flavours.


Ice cream

A rich selection of small ice creams and family pack ice creams is accompanied by a selection of industrial size ice creams in different flavours.


Caterers can choose between the following flavours of Maxim premium ice creams, which are available in 4 litre tubs:

  • Blueberry 4 l
  • Chocolate 4 l
  • Forest fruit 4 l
  • Strawberry 4 l
  • Coconut 4 l
  • Hazelnut 4 l
  • Malaga 4 l
  • Nougat 4 l
  • Pistachio 4 l
  • Stracciatella 4 l
  • Tiramisu 4 l
  • Vanilla 4 l
  • Chocolate-marbled banana 4 l
  • Forest fruit-marbled yoghurt 4 l
  • Maxim Premium cookie 4 l
  • Ice cream with lemon 4,8 l (produced by Incom)
  • Sorbet lemon 4l (produced by Incom)
  • Planica 4 l
  • Walnut 4 l
  • Apple cinnamon 4 l