The development and growth of our company is based on people. Capable, motivated and dedicated employees are a key factor that can bring a well-run company to be among the most successful.

At Ljubljanske Mlekarne we are very aware of this fact and we focus our long-term activities on getting even strong levels of commitment from our employees.


Ljubljanske Mlekarne was the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia to receive the full family-friendly company certificate. In 2010, we joined those companies that actively help facilitate their employees to coordinate their job duties and their families.

We believe that holding the certificate and a thorough implementation of measures to help the work-life balance has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and motivation.



At Ljubljanske Mlekarne we encourage our employees to fulfil their potential, and ensure that they understand the importance of the contribution of each individual to the common success of the company. The aim of the career development programme, which is implemented in our company, is to help develop competent and responsible employees who are capable of realising the set vision and goals of the company.

Career development is based on annual development agreements, the development of competences, the establishment of the potential of the employees and the assessment of training effectiveness. We create an encouraging working environment by rewarding innovative proposals, including employees in training sessions, aspects of the salary system, taking measures to help strike a good work-life balance, organizing sport and social events for employees, and the annual meeting of employees celebrating their jubilee, and each year we present awards to our best employees.


As the largest dairy in Slovenia, we employ a wide variety of people and offer opportunities for further development. We want our employees to be the best, which is why we constantly work to help with their development, offer options to learn new skills, and encourage them to become the best in their field.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us your cover letter and CV to Your information will be saved on our database and we will contact you if a match for your profile comes up. Your personal information will be used exclusively for the purposes of our job search database.

HR Management

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Values are beliefs that guide us on our common path. They serve as the basis for our operations and a guide in our daily work. Therefore, in order to meet our goals, it is important that benchmarks are set for the common values of the company and the group: ambition and engagement, but with a simple approach.