Ljubljanske Mlekarne works with over 2,000 farms across Slovenia.

Milk is our oldest strategic raw material, and that is where our care for quality begins. We therefore developed a comprehensive agricultural supply system for our suppliers.

This agricultural supply system offers the following to milk producers:

  • free professional support and assistance in resolving production issues,
  • top quality products at low prices,
  • direct contact, cooperation and exchange of information with the dairy,
  • guaranteed long-term milk sales,
  • opportunities for developing and increasing milk production,
  • guaranteed long-term social security at the farm.

Products offered as part of the agricultural supply are:

  • nutritional supplements (boluses),
  • milk substitutes and starters for calves,
  • products for cleaning milking equipment and equipment for cooling/storing milk,
  • silo-covering film SEAL+ (oxygen barrier),
  • protective nets and bags for covering silos.

Using the agricultural supply system, Ljubljanske Mlekarne improves the quality of milk and increases the volume purchased. At the same time, direct contact with the producers gives us an insight in the production process, how knowledge is transferred, and how technologies, products and processes are introduced at the farm. And all this is improved by the safety and traceability of our milk, on its way from farm to fridge.



Gregor Rupnik
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