We structured our care for product safety and quality into a comprehensive system that begins with raw milk quality control at the producer and ends when each product reaches the end customer.

Our motive and goal is to ensure that our customers can enjoy our safe, high quality and delicious products. But achieving all three isn’t so simple, which is why we strive to do our best in all aspects of the company’s activities. One of the most important factors in making this possible is our system for ensuring food safety and quality. And this is based on the extensive knowledge and long-term experience of our multi-disciplinary experts.

Our commitment to a quality and careful production of dairy products is also being picked up by external experts. We have been awarded the highest recognitions and accolades for the quality of our products in domestic and foreign assessments. These awards are the result and confirmation of our long-term endeavours, and represent the fruits of our efforts to ensure that our system guarantees product safety and quality control.

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We believe that only quality raw milk is suitable for making excellent dairy products. Therefore, our concern for the safety and quality of milk and dairy products starts at the very beginning – at the cow farms themselves.



Every day we check the suitability and quality of the packaging and other additives which are in direct contact with foodstuffs. By doing this we ensure the safety of our products.

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Only the best is good enough for us, which is why we accept only safe raw milk of the highest quality in our dairies.

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The highest level of safety and quality of our products are ensured by control points, chemical analyses and microbiological examinations that we conduct in accordance with international standards. We implement all the above several times during the production process.

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Not everything can be attributed solely to high technology, analyses and examinations. For us, it is also important that customers consider our products as being of a good standard and delicious to taste. Our experts ensure this by carrying out daily sensory tastings which we perform in accordance with the International Dairy Federation standard.

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We do not interrupt product safety and quality control, even when our delicious dairy products leave the warehouse. We follow them all the way up to the point when customers pick them from the shelves.