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We are the leading dairy in Slovenia, with more than fifty years tradition.

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About the company

Ljubljanske mlekarne was established in 1956 as a company in Glavna zadružna zveza Slovenije (the Main Cooperative Union of Slovenia). At the beginning, around 200 workers provided 69 000 litres of bottled milk per day. A year later the company began the production of yogurt, cream, cottage cheese and cheese, and in 1958 Ljubljanske mlekarne was the first in the country to start the production of ice cream.

Throughout our entire business history we have both followed and created trends in the milk and dairy products market. Today we are the leading dairy and the largest wholesaler of milk and dairy products in Slovenia. Ljubljanske mlekarne collects the highest quantities of domestic milk of all the dairies in Slovenia, working with over 2,000 Slovenian farms. We have a traceability system for each tank of milk, so that we can identify exactly which farm produced it. Also, for each of our products we know exactly how, when and from which raw materials it was made.

We demonstrate our market orientation with well-designed and successful brands like Alpsko mleko (Alpine milk), Mu, Ego, Maxim Premium, and Jošt. Continuous concern for the quality and safety of our products is our everyday work; we are constantly upgrading our equipment and we are careful to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. In this we are led by the commitment of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. Our Slovenian customers particularly trust us, as we have been able to successfully maintain our majority market share.
Our comprehensive sales program can be divided into four basic groups:
- The white program (yogurts and beverages, fresh milk, long life milk, cottage   cheese and spreads, cream),
- Cheeses (hard, semi-hard and processed cheese, mozzarella),
- Ice cream (small, family, and catering),
- Frozen products (fruit, vegetables, meat).

Our success is based on people – today, we employ more than five hundred. As the largest dairy in Slovenia we employ people with a range of educational profiles and offer them opportunities for further development. We are aware that capable, motivated and committed employees are a key factor which can lift a successful company to the heights of the very best.

Identity card


Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. o. o.


Tolstojeva 63, 1000 Ljubljana

Business account

IBAN: SI56 0310 5100 0343 007
BIC: SKBASI2X SKB d.d. Ljubljana

ID for VAT


Share capital

18.285.482,39 €

Year of establishment


Legal status

a Limited liability company (Ltd)

Court register number

Srg 2017/20413 and Srg 2017/21330,
on 26th of May 2017

Registration number


Number of employees

572 (as of 31. 5. 2017)


+386 (01) 588 15 00


+386 (01) 588 18 87





An efficient management system ensures a successful business operation, improves communication and increases the trust of all shareholders of the company.

Tomaž Žnidarič

General Manager

”The trust of our customers and other stakeholders in our products and brands is an important part of our work, as we wish to further consolidate our leading position in the Slovenian market for milk and dairy products. Trust is also an important part of our corporate culture. We are reliable business partners and the largest buyer of Slovenian milk. Ljubljanske mlekarne is the largest dairy in Slovenia and operates as part of the Lactalis Group, where we look for synergies maximising success.”

Tomaž Žnidarič joined the Lactalis Group in 2011. He was the General Manager of Lactalis Bosnia and Herzegovina until he took over the leadership of Ljubljanske mlekarne. In his business career he has gained rich management experience in Slovenia as well as internationally.

Main policies

All our activities are based on our mission, vision and values. Our mission and vision express the purpose of existence of the company and give it its business direction. Values are beliefs that guide us on our common path.


With our knowledge, experience and innovativeness we change milk and other gifts of nature into fresh and delicious products for health and enjoyment for all generations and make them available to consumers every day.


Ljubljanske mlekarne is a reliable and innovative food company. We are the largest food company in Slovenia and a recognized provider of dairy and other products in Central and Southeast Europe.


You can read more about the values of our company in the Career section.

Main milestones of the company


Ljubljanske mlekarne has become a new member of the Lactalis Group, one of the largest dairy groups in the world.

Our most popular ice cream, the Lučka ice cream on a stick, celebrates its 55th birthday.


We celebrate 45 years of the Alpine milk brand, the packaging and graphic image of which is updated on this occasion.

We successfully conclude the renovation of the factory for the production of long-life products.


Ljubljanske mlekarne celebrates 55 years of its existence and 15 years of the Ego brand.

The beginning of an investment worth EUR 14.5 million for the renovation of the factory for the production of long-life products in Obrat Ljubljana.


The Maxim Premium brand with the slogan »Your unique pleasure« celebrates its 15th anniversary.


Installation and start-up of a new line for manufacturing and bottling of plastic bottles.

The Planica family ice-cream celebrates its 35th birthday.


Establishment of a new architecture of all brands, within which our green line of products gets a new image and a new name: MU.

The legendary Lučka ice cream on a stick celebrates its 50th birthday.

The Shikoko bottling line, which allows bottling of products with an extended expiry date, is installed and started in Obrat Ljubljana.


Realization of the programme for the modernization of the company.

The Alpine milk brand celebrates its 40th anniversary of existence.


Ljubljanske mlekarne successfully enters the Italian market, where it acquires regular buyers of its products.

The production of semi-hard cheeses is moved from Maribor to Kočevje.

Construction and start-up of an automated high-shelf warehouse in Obrat Ljubljana.


End of the extensive investment cycle into the technological-technical modernization of the preparation and bottling of fresh milk and fermented products.


After heavy investment activities, the start-up of modernized production begins in the PPM Tuzla affiliated company.

An affiliated company starts business in Zagreb, Croatia.

A new brand architecture for ice creams is set up.


Ljubljanske mlekarne builds a new brand architecture and according with its values a new corporate slogan is selected »Tradition. Care. Reliability.«

Ljubljanske mlekarne acquires the ISO 14001 certificate.

With the acquisition of a majority share of dairies in Tuzla, the story of Ljubljanske mlekarne Group begins.


Reconstruction and concentration of factories is completed.


Acquisition of Mariborska mlekarna.


Acquisition of Gorenjske mlekarne.


Shareholders’ founding General Meeting.


Ljubljanske mlekarne is transformed into a joint-stock company.


An extensive reconstruction of the factory for production of long-life products.

Ljubljanske mlekarne is the first Slovene dairy to get the ISO 9001 certificate.


According to the Companies Act, the company is transformed into a limited liability company.


Numerous technological improvements enable the production of new ice creams, cheeses, yogurts, and later ice tea.


By incorporating the largest suppliers of milk, Ljubljanske mlekarne becomes the largest food processing and agricultural organization in Slovenia.


Ljubljanske mlekarne begins the production of the long-life Alpine milk.


A new plant for production of long-life milk is opened and ice cream production is modernized.

From the former drinking milk dairy an industrial dairy is developed, with numerous dairy products for the wider Yugoslav market.


Ljubljanske mlekarne is the first company in the former country to start industrial production of ice cream. The Lučka ice cream on a stick was among the first.


Ljubljanske mlekarne starts producing yogurt, cream, cottage cheese and cheese.


Establishment of Ljubljanske mlekarne as a company of Glavna zadružna zveza Slovenije (Main Cooperative Union of Slovenia).

Innovation and development

We constantly encourage innovative thinking

Knowledge, commitment and innovation of our employees are the foundations of our success. This is why we systematically encourage our employees to think innovatively. They may give suggestions for improvements and innovations on a daily basis. Each year we also invite employees to enter the internal competition »Challenge of the Year«, where each employee may give suggestions for improvements in a particular field.

We follow and create trends in the development of products and new technologies to satisfy the desires of our customers to the greatest extent possible. All our delicacies start their way toward dining tables in the laboratory, where we develop and test novelties. We constantly introduce new technologies that open opportunities for further development of innovative products. In this way we ensure that only products of the very best quality, which will always be available to our loyal customers, will reach the shelves.

MU Vita – award-winning innovation

We are proud of the fact that our innovation is noticed and awarded also by international professionals. The International Dairy Federation and the Dairy Innovation magazine presented us with the IDF Dairy Innovation Award 2011 for innovation in the dairy industry. The MU Vita brand, synonymous for light and healthy products with less fat and sugar, received a special award in the category of Best Newcomer Brand of Business. And the MU Vita spreads and butter were awarded the first place in the category of Best New Butter or Spread.

Innovation in reaching our common goals

Trends we create in the field of dairy products must also be followed by the manner of communication. Thus, when advertising and reaching target groups, we upgrade classic advertising methods with new digital media and innovative promotional activities.

We introduce elements of surprise and creativity into communication, bringing forward visibility and the desired distinctiveness. A courageous decision for innovative and different addressing of target groups brings us success in our business, and we have been noticed and frequently awarded also by the professional community.

Recognitions and awards

Alpsko mleko with chocolate - product of the year

In the independent national representative research Product of the year, Slovenian consumers chose Alpsko mleko with chocolate as one of the best products of 2015. The Product of the year research is intended to assess the opinion of Slovenian consumers on consumer products (products and services) which are based on innovations, applicability, satisfaction and purchase intent, i.e. products which add value in the eyes of customers.

Mu Extra yogurts – one of the most innovative food products

In February, the Nutrition Institute presented the most innovative new food products made in Slovenia, amongst which the consumers also included Mu Extra yogurts from Ljubljanske mlekarne. These selected food products stand out from the competition in their group in terms of competitiveness, creativity and nutrient composition, and prove that Slovenian food product manufacturers endeavour to provide their customers with improved, quality, and health-beneficial food products.
See more at: http://www.l-m.si/en/novice/1423736889.html

Ninth Trusted Brand award in a row

The Slovenian subscribers to the Reader's Digest magazine, which organizes the largest European consumer research Trusted Brand, selected the 32 most trusted brands in different categories. The survey was conducted by Institute for market and media research Mediana and included 8013 respondents. Ljubljanske Mlekarne were awarded the Trusted Brand title in the milk category. This flattering title has been awarded to us for the ninth time in a row.

Mu Cuisine Cheese for grill with added chives becomes Champion of Quality

At the 29th Quality Assessment of Milk and Milk Products in the 53rd Agra International Fair in Gornja Radgona, various products of Ljubljanske mlekarne were awarded 21 medals for their quality. Mu Cuisine Cheese for grill with added chives was awarded the Champion of Quality prize.
See more at: http://www.l-m.si/en/novice/9960724.html

‘Outstanding’ advertising award for Planica

The poster ‘There’s only one Planica’ won one of the categories in the Outstanding Awards for outdoor advertising. The ‘Outstanding’ jury were looking for fresh, creative ideas, the innovative use of media, and manufacturing excellence; in short, something different, which attracts attention.
Photo: Urban Štebljaj

Trust in the Ljubljanske mlekarne brand has grown

Ljubljanske mlekarne was awarded the prestigious title of Trusted Brand in the category of milk for the eighth consecutive year by readers of the magazine Reader's Digest. Seventy percent of the respondents from the Slovenian subscribers to the magazine answered Ljubljanske mlekarne to the question of which brand to trust when it comes to milk. Confidence in our corporate brand has increased by 8 percent compared to the previous year.

Two champions of quality

At the 28th Quality Assessment of Milk and Milk Products in the 52nd Agra International Fair in Gornja Radgona, Kranjska gauda cheese, matured for 12 months, and the Piran Grand ice cream, hazelnut with chocolate filling, both received the title of Champion of Exceptional Quality. In fact, all 16 of our products entered won medals for quality.
Link: http://l-m.si/sl/novice/1402664350.html

Finalists for a socially responsible business practice award

The Network for Corporate Social Responsibility in Slovenia, in cooperation with partner organizations, awarded prizes for socially responsible business practice. Ljubljanske mlekarne was among the finalists in the category of large companies, together with the Institute of Chemistry, for the joint project Computer simulations for natural scavengers of chemical carcinogens as functional additives.
Photo: Marko Vitas

Among the five finalists

This year the annual Slovenian POMP Forum awarded prizes for the second time to recognize the greatest achievements in content marketing. The magazine Iz zelenega v belo (From Green to White), dedicated to employees in our company, was placed among the finalists in the categories of internal printed media and of best cover.
Photo: Peter Giordani

The best exhibitor

We received the award for best exhibitor, according to the visitors to the Children's Fair, the largest trade fair for families in Slovenia, for the third year in a row. At the fair we ran a charity campaign,‘1 Lučka = 1 hot meal’, and this resulted in the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana-Polje being able to provide 1,896 hot meals for children whose families are in trouble.
Link: http://l-m.si/sl/novice/1410724411.html

Outstanding award for »city light« Maxim premium

At this year's evaluation of posters, which were published in 2012 in the outdoor advertising areas of Europlakat, the jury selected the winners among 502 posters in five categories. In the category of "city light", the jury was most convinced by poster of Ljubljanske mlekarne for ice cream Maxim premium and thus earned a reward.

Trusted Brand

Slovenian subscribers of Reader's Digest have indicated their most trusted brands for 2013 in a total of 40 categories. In the category of "milk" they voted brand Ljubljanske mlekarne as most trusted for the sixth year in a row.

Silver Effie 2012 for two campaigns

Two of our communication campaigns have been awarded with the most prominent award in the field of marketing communication and won a Silver Effie Award 2012. In the category of long-term communication the campaign Ego Slim & Vital has been awarded and in the category of digital communication web series Milkbusters received the award.

Award for energy efficiency

In the competition for the best energy efficiency project, which took place for the fourteenth time this year, Ljubljana mlekarne competed with the project of exploitation of waste heat sterilizers and preparation of cooling water. The selection jury placed our project among the three finalists and at the end announced it for the winner. The project was carried out in the framework of renovation of the long-life product production plant, where among other products we also produce Alspko mleko.

We have obtained the HALAL certificate

Some of our products are now HALAL certified and meet the standards of the Islamic community, thus opening doors to consumers of Muslim religion and to new markets. In the second half of February we became the second Slovenian dairy and the thirteenth Slovenian company to obtain the HALAL certificate.

19 quality medals

At the 27th International Quality Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products in Gornja Radgona, products by Ljubljanske mlekarne received 19 awards: 9 grand gold medals, 7 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal. The received awards are proof of quality, technological perfection and the selected flavour of our products.

A huge step with a smaller footprint

We are the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia to receive the EMAS certificate and join eight Slovenian companies that have already established a comprehensive environment management system. With this significant step in the field of sustainable development we are leaving a smaller environmental footprint, while at the same time generating profit.

Commendation for communicating via Twitter

At the POMP Content Marketing Conference Ljubljanske mlekarne received a special commendation for communication via the Twitter social network. »Relaxed, positive and, above all, open and transparent. One of, if not the only instance of a larger company in Slovenia where it is evident that a human is communicating with people, and not just an abstract brand,« said the President of the judging panel, Nenad Senić, at the award ceremony.

The best printed internal medium

Our internal magazine From Green to White received the Papirus award for the best printed internal medium in Slovenia. All printed and electronic newsletters, which are intended for informing/communicating with employees of companies, institutions and organizations of the Republic of Slovenia, compete for this award. The award is given by the Public Relations Society of Slovenia.

We are the 2013 Environmentally Friendly Company

The Business Academy of the newspaper Finance presented us with the National Environmental Award, making Ljubljanske mlekarne the Environmentally Friendly Company of 2013. We received the award for the introduction of new technologies with which we are reducing emissions in the environment and managing the consumption of natural resources. In just a year we successfully managed to reduce the carbon footprint of our plant in Ljubljana by 11 percent.

Full Family Friendly Company Certificate

We are the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia to receive this certificate. By receiving the full certificate we have undertaken to introduce in the next three years a few more new activities in addition to the already existing and to upgrade those we are already implementing for an easier work and family conciliation. In this manner we will help employees to find balance between obligations. The certificate is granted by a non-governmental organization, the Ekvilib institute, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Ljubljanske mlekarne – Trusted Brand 2012

We have been able to maintain the trust of our customers for a long time. This is why we are proud to have received the Trusted Brand award for the fifth time according to a survey conducted by the European Trusted Brand magazine. In the milk category, we received an impressive 66% of votes.

The web series Milkbusters received the SOF Grand prize

Milk is too boring to be communicated in an interesting way ... This is, of course, a myth. This was confirmed by the jury of the 21st Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF), which awarded the Milkbusters web series the SOF Grand prize in the competition category Digital Communication. The purpose of the series was to address the young population and at the same time to convey the benefits of Alpine milk. The Ego age protect skipping rope; on the other hand, received the golden award in the competition category Corporate Advertising Means.

Maxim Premium ice cream – Champion of Quality

As per tradition, we were again successful at the 26th International Quality Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products in Gornja Radgona. The Maxim Premium ice cream (bourbon vanilla flavour with caramelized almonds) received the title of Champion of Quality. In addition to that, our products received 15 grand gold medals, four gold, six silver and two bronze medals.

Oscar nomination

The packaging of the MU Vita and Fred brands placed among the five finalists of the competition Slovenian Packaging Oscar 2012. The oscar slipped away, but you can rest assured, you will keep seeing us among the stars.

Alpine spreadable processed cheese - Winner of the VIP test

Independent assessments are an important acknowledgment of the quality of our products to us. We are therefore very pleased that at independent tests performed by the VIP magazine of the Slovene Consumers' Association our Alpine spreadable processed cheese received the best rating. We have bested our competition especially due to excellent sensory characteristics.

Top exhibitor of the 7th Children's Bazaar

Children are hard to excite, but we managed to do it. Visitors of the Children's Bazaar awarded us with the honorary title of top exhibitor. We presented ourselves with the ice cream garden of Lučka and friends.

Silver medal for Jošt smoked cheese

Just short of the top. At the 11th International Cheese Competition in the Austrian town of Hopfgarten we received the silver medal.

A good marketing communication works – Effie Award 2010

The best marketing communication is an efficient one. And we are proudly among the best – the advertising campaign Ego Slim & Vital received the Effie 2010 golden award. With an excellent and timely strategy we were successful in a time when this category was becoming generic.
Likewise, the campaign conducted on the 35th anniversary of the Planica ice cream was very effective – we received the Effie 2010 silver award for it. At that time the Planica ice cream also took global glory – it was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest ice cream dessert in the world.

Five awards at the Slovenian Advertising Festival

At this year's Slovenian Advertising Festival we received five awards. The project »Sponzorska plata« by the performers Slon and Sadež was especially successful. It received three awards – a golden award and a grand prize in the category of innovative advertising forms and the Good Fairy Award for the most humorous advertisement of the year. We also received two silver awards for the radio advertisement Muuuu (ESL milk) and for the Book of Pleasures, which was published on the 15th anniversary of the Maxim Premium brand.

Ljubljanske mlekarne – Trusted Brand 2011

We value the trust of consumers and we constantly try our best to maintain it. This is regularly confirmed by external surveys – in 2011 we received again the title of Trusted Brand awarded by the renowned Reader’s Digest magazine. In the milk category, we received 72 percent of votes, and 67 percent of votes in the ice cream category.

Title of champion for the MU milk spread and 28 awards

We were extremely successful at the 25th International Quality Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products in Gornja Radgona. The MU milk spread with cucumbers, mustard and dill was crowned champion, and the 28 received awards included 8 grand gold medals, 11 gold medals, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals.

VIP success of the MU emmental cheese

Our MU emmental cheese took the top spot at the independent assessment performed by the VIP magazine of the Slovene Consumers' Association. The high placing can be attributed to the assessment declaration, salt content and sensory characteristics.

MU Vita – award-winning innovation

We are also successful in international competition. The International Dairy Federation and the Dairy Innovation magazine presented the awards for innovation in the dairy industry, the IDF Dairy Innovation Awards 2011, and awarded our MU Vita brand. It received a special award in the category of Best Newcomer Brand of Business. While the MU Vita spreads and butter were awarded the first place in the category of Best New Butter or Spread.

Award for the Human Resources Development project

Our success relies on our employees and the good work performed in the field of HRM was noticed also by experts. At the 14th Conference of Human Resources Management the judging panel awarded our Human Resources Development project as second best.

Ljubljanske mlekarne – Trusted Brand 2010

We again received the Trusted Brand 2010 award with the highest percentage of votes. The European Trusted Brand survey is conducted by the Reader’s Digest magazine.

Advertiser of 2009

We do not want to just follow trends, but create them. In the development of products as well as in the field of marketing. This was acknowledged by the Slovenian advertising professionals who presented us with the Advertiser of 2009 award at the 19th Slovenian Advertising Festival. We earned the award for innovative approaches in communication, consistent management of brands and for our courage in making decisions in regards to novelties.

Planica, the Grand prize winner in the events category

The celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Planica ice cream and being included in the Guinness Book of Records resonated also at the 19th Slovenian Advertising Festival. In the events category we received the Grand prize.

Citylight for MU Cuisine was also shining at the SOF

At the 19th Slovenian Advertising Festival, the company Europlakat conferred the award for the best citylight poster – it was received by the advertisements for the MU Cuisine campaign.

Mag. Tina Kumelj, Marketing Director of the Year

We are proud of the fact that our quality work and the commitment of our employees is awarded by the professional community. Our Marketing Director mag. Tina Kumelj received the prestigious professional award of Marketing Director of the Year. The award was presented at the 15th Slovenian Marketing Conference.

A family-friendly company

Excellent companies differ from good companies also by enabling their employees to more easily coordinate their professional obligations with family life. Our efforts in this field have borne fruit, as we have joined the third generation of companies and organizations that received the title of family-friendly company. At the same time we are the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia to have received this certificate.

27 awards, of which 15 grand gold medals

The 24th Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products took place in Gornja Radgona, as part of the 48th International Agro Fair. We were very successful, having received an impressing 27 awards – 15 grand gold medals, 8 gold medals and 4 silver medals.

An incredible 97.22% compliance with the IFS standard

It is very hard to obtain the International Food Standard (IFS), and also to keep it. We have been very successful during the reassessment, reaching a very high level: a 97.22% compliance with the requirements of this standard.

Planica – Guinness world record holder

The celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Planica ice cream was especially sweet, since we received several awards. The communication campaign received the renowned Prism Award and Golden Sempler. At the same time, Planica was included in the Slovenian issue of the Guinness Book of Records as the longest ice cream dessert with a 35.2 metres long ice cream tub.

11 grand gold medals

We have successfully participated at the 23rd International Quality Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products which took place as part of the 47th International Agro Fair in Gornja Radgona. We received 25 awards, of which 11 grand gold medals, 2 gold medals, 9 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Superbrands Ego and Alpine milk

The Ego and Alpine milk brands won the prestigious title of Superbrands of 2009. This flattering title was awarded to Alpine milk for the second time, while it was the first time for Ego.

IFS certificate acquisition

Certificates contribute in an important way to a more efficient working process and a better quality of the products. This is the reason why we decided to try and obtain the International Food Standard (IFS) certificate. With a successful assessment we were able to further increase the competitiveness of our products in the European markets.

The award-winning probiotic Ego yogurt

The 250g probiotic Ego natural yogurt reached the very top and took first place among probiotic dairy products following a survey of the Slovene Consumers' Association. The survey, which is carried out according to and internationally adopted methodology of consumer organizations, rated the yogurt at 4.2.

Ljubljanske mlekarne – Trusted Brand 2009

The trust by our consumers was acknowledged for the second consecutive year by the European Trusted Brand survey conducted by the Reader’s Digest magazine. In 2009, we were selected again as a Trusted Brand.

Silver Drum for Milko

Large projects require additional help. Our special colleague – the Milko mascot – had a very important role in communicating values. His successful work was noticed by the professional community. At the 16th Golden Drum International Advertising Festival we received the Silver Drum Award in the public relations category.

Maxim Bus – International honorary award for creativity

Our main guidelines when communicating with consumers are creativity and innovation. This is why we have transformed a bus of the Ljubljana Passenger Transport into a Maxim ice cream warehouse. This innovative approach has been noticed also abroad – at the 39th International Annual Creativity Awards we received an honorary award.

Six champions of quality for products of Ljubljanske mlekarne

We were very successful at the 22nd International Quality Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products in Gornja Radgona, receiving six quality championship titles. Our products received another 6 grand gold medals, 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals and one bronze medal.

Ljubljanske mlekarne – Trusted Brand 2008

The trust by our consumers was also acknowledged by the European Trusted Brand survey conducted by the renowned Reader’s Digest magazine. We could pride ourselves for the first time with the title of Trusted Brand 2008.

Award-winning cheeses by Ljubljanske mlekarne

International acknowledgment of our good work is very important. This is why we are very proud to have received the gold medal at the 9th International Cheese Competition in Hopfgarten for the cheese Kranjska gauda, aging for twelve months. The MU Cuisine cheese for grill and the smoked Jošt cheese received silver medals.

Alpine – Superbrand

The Alpine milk brand is truly a superbrand, receiving the prestigious title of Superbrand of 2008.

Bronze Effie 2008

At the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Alpine milk we designed the communication campaign »Every day counts. Alpine milk«. And we have achieved a lot with this campaign, receiving the Bronze Effie award for communication efficiency.

The best on the internet

Digital communication is becoming increasingly important and we are aware of this. Our efforts were noticed by a professional jury at the Netko Awards, which presented us with the golden Netko 2007 award for the best business web page. We received the award in the category of company presentations in the area of industry, services, trade, and finance.

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Annual report 2016


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