Ljubljanske mlekarne - Mu Smoothie – most innovative food product of 2016

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Monday 1. February, 2016

Mu Smoothie – most innovative food product of 2016

Nutrition Institute presented this year’s most innovative food products in the Slovenian market. Mu Smoothie received the Innovation of the year award in the group of dairy products. Nutrition Institute experts have assessed 43 different products and chose six products which were awarded the prize.

The assessment is primarily based on the evaluation of the ingredients of the products. In order to avoid biased assessment they have used a special scientific method of profiling which classifies products according to how healthy they are. The project is funded by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia and aims at encouraging consumers to pay attention to innovative new food products on the market, but also to support innovation of the food industry.

According to the group of experts from Nutrition Institute Mu Smoothie is distinguished by its careful preparation and a high proportion of fruit. This nutritious meal for the whole family contains exclusively natural flavors and provides with a full and fruity taste. 

In addition to Ljubljanske mlekarne there are five other products that won the Innovation of the year award:

  • Spar Slovenia for spelt bread with chestnuts
  • Jata Emona for Enemon brean with Slovenian buckwheat
  • Pečjak bakery for dried pasta Pure
  • Engrotuš and Sastela for Slovenian potica from a special range called Slovenian delicacies
  • special mention: Eta for its brand of fresh vegetables Grunt. 


Mu Smoothie is the second product in a row to have won the Innovation of the year title. Last year’s most innovative product in the dairy category was Mu Extra, fruit yoghurt from Ljubljanske mlekarne.

Monday 1. February, 2016

Mu Smoothie – most innovative food product of 2016

Mu Smoothie wins the Innovation of the year prize.