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We are the leading dairy in Slovenia, with more than fifty years tradition.

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Tuesday 15. October, 2013

A huge step with a smaller footprint

Ljubljanske mlekarne is the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia to receive the EMAS certificate and to join eight other Slovenian companies already holding the authorization to use this label. The certificate was awarded to Ljubljanske mlekarne for introducing a comprehensive environmental management system by the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ) at today's award ceremony. With this big step in the field of sustainable development we are leaving an increasingly smaller environmental footprint, while at the same time recording business benefits.


Today's certificate award represents the symbolic conclusion of the project started by Ljubljanske mlekarne in 2011. At that time, a need was expressed in the company for a comprehensive management of trends, represented by the company's effect on climatic changes. It is a complex activity that cannot be tackled by segments, but as a whole, thus enabling a comprehensive EMAS environmental management system. »The orientation of Ljubljanske mlekarne toward a responsible care for the environment already has a long tradition. The company has been maintaining an environmental management system for several years. The system has been now upgraded with EMAS requirements and the company has stepped on the path of environmental excellence. The EMAS scheme requires open and clear reporting on results in the area of environment protection, an active involvement of the employees and interested persons and a constant compliance with statutory requirements,« said mag. Ana Pribaković Borštnik, Director of the Management System Assessment section at SIQ, on the occasion of the certificate award. 
Ljubljanske mlekarne has already had in place an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, which has no longer been officially certified since 2009. The aforementioned system was upgraded in accordance with the requirements of the EMAS system. During the upgrade, particular emphasis was placed on the standardization of efficient energy consumption in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard and on the calculation of the CO2 (carbon) footprint. »For the last ten years, Ljubljanske mlekarne has been systematically monitoring the effects of its activity on the environment and technological and technical modifications are introduced each year to reduce such effects. Last year, for instance, significantly less energy, water, packaging used for packing products was consumed in comparison with 2011 by implementing various activities. The volume of mixed municipal waste was also reduced and the list goes on. All the above is reflected by the reduction of the carbon footprint, which last year decreased by 11% in comparison with the previous year, and we have also recorded internal business benefits,« said mag. Neva Makuc, Director of the Quality and Environment Sector at Ljubljanske mlekarne and EMAS project manager, upon receiving the certificate. She then added that taking the path of environmental excellence in relation to business strategy was the right decision, which the company will keep upgrading in future years.

Monday 28. October, 2013

On the trail of natural scavengers of chemical carcinogens

At the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana they are on the trail of natural compounds that could prevent cancer before it develops. In the future we could use scavengers as functional additives in our dairy products.

Tuesday 15. October, 2013

A huge step with a smaller footprint

We have received the EMAS certificate for introducing a comprehensive environmental management system as the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia.

Friday 4. October, 2013

Ljubljanske mlekarne at Anuga 2013

We are present at the world's largest and most important food and beverage business platform - Anuga Fair in Cologne.